eye candy friday

my first, so be gentle ^-^
I made another seahorse, changed the shaping, but running out of yarn, eek!, need to make another one - I guess, maybe a green one?
which shape do you like better, so far? the yellow or the orange one?, I think I prefer the yellow one and the next one, the green one will be like the yellow one as well, the tail will be longer as the tail of the orange seahorse and I hope more bended at the end/tip.

but let's see

seahorse love

some blooming from my "garden" which is my windowsill


uuuhuh uh, new yarn arrived at my home =) new Wollmeise, the color is Zenzi and I love it, the first time I got to snag omething from the shop and I just click-click-click had new yarn, I actually seek for lace weight, the color is more or less unimportant, there are a few I would choose but the Pfauenauge would be in my top 10, or Birkenrinde or something like Wellensittichvogelfeder, there are a few shawls I like to make the Pretty As A Peacock Shawl or the South Seas Stole are on my wishlist, so the Pfauenauge (peacocks eye) would be perrrfect for the Pretty as a Peacock Shawl, and the South Sees would look awesome in another blue or greenish mix.

if you wanna see the Zenzi 'striptease' click here

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