why I like WIP's so much . . .

. . . because I miss them when I'm done.

I just realized this, the minute I finish something I miss it, I miss working at it, I miss holding the yarn, letting it run through my fingers, thinking about how I should continue, if I just follow the pattern or if I need to make changes or when crocheting new amigurumi how to shape the next mold or whatever. I miss it.

Lately I wondered what made me cast on a shawl when there's stockings nearly finished or a vest that waits for further stitches, and when I embroidered the last stitches to Peters face and I realized I had no more crochet WIPs, it became clearly, I had no more WIPs and I didn't like the feeling, not at all. Missing the WIPs also made me continue a little bit at my shawl (made three full repeats of the pattern and turned the provisional cast on into a picot edging - lovely)

also I started a new project, of course

and it's a new amigurumi, a seahorse, an orange seahorse, like it so far, though it's still missing quite a few important details, like a snout, or muzzle? what do seahorses have? I have no idea, note to self: look up seahorses anatomy!

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