it's official now, I am a real knitter. Today is the hottest day of the summer (so far) and I just casted on a scarf.
it's the leave and acorn lace scarf. my first lace (if you want so), I mean I would consider my waterfalls to be lace but they're stockings, my fishnet stockings are lacy as well, but again, they are stockings. I've done quite some lace things but this scarf I would say is my first "real" lace, I have no idea why I think so, maybe fault of the hottest day of the summer but that's how I feel.
Also my first time I turned hanky into center pull ball (now I know I prefer balls over hanks, and hank sounds so nice and harmless, do you know any Hank who isn't nice? I don't!)
I'm using stash yarn, haha, not that I would really have a stash, but I use Wollmeise Sockyarn in Frosch colorway. Green would be perfect for this scarf.

also today there was a word in my head that wanted to be spoken over and over again: Hobbledihoi!, It's not even a real word! but it was in my mind, piercing it, forcing me to say it out loud. Now don't think I'm kind of weird, this doesn't happen often to me, but sometimes there just is a word, you know just like a stupid catchy tune, that you just can't stand, but it's there and won't go away - bah!

Now that I've written it down, I feel better, thanks for reading

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