What's it called when a crab pinches you?

it can't be pinch, can it? I mean when a crab "bites" its claw into your hand it must be a different, a more stronger word than pinch. I just can't believe it could be something like pinch, to pinch just sound like I'm teasing my loved ones.

Anyhow on yesterdays post and also on flickr and twitter I got some nice guessings and the right one was found pretty fast: I'm working on a crab. A simple easy red crab.

New amigurumi

and that's also the reason why I wonder what it's called when a crab gets you. If you have an idea please leave a comment

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  1. It depends on the size of the claw ;) A small crab would definitely be a pinch, but a larger crab might be a snap, a grab or depending on where it landed, a crush. And, some of the "teeth" in the claws are pretty sharp, so it could even be a cut or a slice. Any way you experience it, it's an "Ouch!"

  2. oh that's interesting! I was wondering about this because I thought about naming the crab something related to the fact it can pinch/snap/crush..... thinking about crush I'm having Wesley Crusher on my mind now ;)

  3. It's a good question! They certainly can pinch as I once found out & CJG you hit the nail on the head with your description. In the thought of naming the crab 'Pincer' is quite a cute word but a bit cheeky;) Can't wait to see the finished crab! x

  4. I liked the idea of 'Pincer' as a name until I picture-googled Pincer because the pics you get to see are not cute at all, especially the toes #shudder

    I'm thinking of Wesley the crab. I'm a Trekkie and the Crusher thingy makes me giggle :)


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