weekly flaschback

|seen| this video by Charlie McDonnell, I swear if he would be ten years older I totally married him, no matter his thoughts about it ^__^ |heard| there was a yarn feast pretty near by but with the train costs and new yarn (because you don't go to a market without buying anything) I decided not to go, my wallet would have committed suicide otherwise I guess |learned| all those cute little baby hats with teddy bear ears or cat ears or any animal ears do have a purpose! when a demon tries to steal your babys soul or the baby itself the demon will actually be tricked by the animal ears to think it IS an animal, so your child is safe |read| The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley.. so far (only just started) I need to get used to the style this is written in, it is quite like listening to someone who is constantly switching between thoughts when talking, little hard to follow |done| visited my local stitch'n'bitch...yay |eaten| prosciutto and tomatoes - sooo gooood |drunk| Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks, love that kind of tea, always liked tea with milk (and without) so I'm glad the Chai Tea one is still "Hip" |thought| I had carried watermelons to a party...only it wasn't me, who was it? first one to comment correctly will win a pattern made by me of their choice, just make sure I can contact you by leaving email or ravelry name in a second comment |been pleased| with nothing special really, the whole week has been quite nice |got annoyed| with my eyebrows, or rather myself...on Monday I was coloring my hair again and I had that stupid idea to see how my eyebrows would look like with just a tad more red in them, turns out they get like bright orange (don't laugh at me) and I'm glad I'm a girl and can add eyebrow pencil to correct that, otherwise I dunno if I would feel comfi leaving the house |wished| I hadn't have that stupid idea with the hair dye |bought| new moisturizer (fascinating, right?) ^__^ |clicked| my blog readers feed and sorted through a few things, what I found while doing so were a few recipes I had forgotten about and want to try in the near future like this ravioli recipe with pears and bacon

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