7 things

I just received an award from goldibug - thanks my friend :-)

and one thing this award includes is to share seven things about myself that you probably don't knew yet, so I thought I might just do that

1 - on Sundays I like to wear pajamas all day long
2 - I like chive sandwiches the most
3 - my bed is placed on 4 tables - like to sleep higher AND a lot of yarn space underneath
4 - I didn't dare to start reading the last Harry Potter for almost two weeks because once I started I knew it was going to end and I just couldn't stand the idea of Harry Potter ending
5 - I don't really care about the full moon, what bothers me is the new moon
6 - I feed my facebook aquarium every day - twice!
7 - a giant plush spider is watching over my jewelry box

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  1. I was sad when Harry Potter ended too! They are such fun books! I'd also like to see this awesome spider watching over the jewelry box :)


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