Sorry I haven't been posting for some weeks but I've been added to ravelry, yeah :-),
I'm about to start a new job :-),
been busy at my current job as well, we have holidays right now and there are some of my collegues on vacations and that means extra shift for the rest of us :-(
haven't been knitting much lately, I only finished one more amigurumi, Rita Giraffe, you might have seen her on my flickr page.

She was a custom order and I found it pretty difficult to come up with a new design from ot of nowhere. I kinda like Rita, but I still figure I should change something about her head, she's definitely missing a snout.

and ravelry is soooo cool, my user name is knits, and I played around there the whole weekend. It's so cool to view all those other projects, I've added qite a few things to my queue, so many fantastic patterns out there I haven't seen yet, can you believe it? IT IS MY NEW FAVORITE PLAYGROUND !!!

and again I realise I am a lazy person to write new posts =(

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