new plants for my home

arriving, some impressions from outside and me and my brother fooling around

some impressions from inside, see this cute bumble bee?

what I brought home

yesterday was a looong day, a few hours in the car each way, a few hours at the plant nursery, pretty imressive this Rühlemanns, really a lot of stuff to sniff and feel and watch and maybe even taste ^_^
I brought home seven plants, well actually only five, but my mom brought me two extra ones. Driving home we finally had lunch (at about 5 pm) and they dropped me off nearly 4 hours later, believe me I was dead! tired is not the right word to express how tired I was!
I still feel tired, but you can't care too much, right?

I even crocheted a little in the car, but not much, only the face of another chubby fish is done, if you would't know it's a fish you couldn't guess ^_^

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