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Meet the little critters. All of them. The pattern includes instructions for all six little animals pictured on the front plus info on two further ones.
you can make: fox, mouse, giraffe, beaver, squirrel, monkey PLUS a cat and a pig

Crochet pattern in pdf format, designed for a E / 3.5mm hook and worsted weight yarn, written out in plain English.

This pattern provides a stitch-by-stitch guide.

This pattern is for the intermediate crocheter or an advanced beginner with knowledge of crocheting in the round, increasing and decreasing. Special stitches are explained particularly.

Using a E / 3.5mm hook and the apropriated yarn you should receive a critter about 5 inches / 12 cm high.

But keep in mind that the size of a finished doll strongly hinges on your yarn and hook.

Unlimited email support is included to help you create your dolls.

3 Kommentare:

  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I think I bought the 1st??!! I was sooooo excited to see these little critters released!
    Hugs & Kisses
    They are SOOOO adorable I can hardly contain my squeals of delight!

  2. Hi!
    I have used your fish pattern several times for baby gifts and I love it! It's wonderful! I am interested in purchasing these patterns from you as well but I was wondering if you mind if I sell these creations after buying the patterns from you (with a link to your website of course) - I know the fish specifically asks not to but I wasn't sure about the other patterns that are for purchase - thank you so much for sharing the patterns - you are extremely talented!!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    thanks a lot for your lovely words :)

    all my patterns are for personal use only and not for commercial or retail purposes, so I'm sorry you can't sell critters made from my patterns, gifting is fine though :) I like to give the fish for baby showers as well.

    have a happy new year,


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