which one should I choose?

Help please. I'm totally confused and get more and more confused the longer I try to think about this one. I said I was thinking about snails last time because of some gorgeous mittens. Well these snails circled my thoughts the whole day and this makes me think I will knit a snaily cardigan!

But now I have a problem, a serious one, one that's so typical for me, which version of my ideas shall I use? First the snails themselves. I created a smaller snail just like in the mittens (it's not the original pattern since I don't have the book they are in but I think I made a pretty good job in recharting them, even though I made some "error" in the neck area, but that doesn't bother me much) and then I charted a bigger version of the snail to go with the smaller one - and there is my problem, I don't know which bigger snail to use. They are only slightly different, I only made a little change to the shell but it's visible clearly. Which one do you like better? the left or the right one?

And then there is the arrangement on the back. I started with the idea on the left: all snail facing the outside of the cardigan. But then I thought why not make them face the center? and it makes a completely different effect, especially on graph paper. The outside facing verion looks alot wider whereas the center facing version seemed to create a thinner looking garment. And to make my confusion complete I made the snails face each other, looks good too! What I was surprised of was that the huge effect that there was on graph paper melted alot when I put the snails into a cardigan sketch to give me a clearer idea of what I was going to do. You see - confusion everywhere. Which would you make?

jus a side note: is it fair isle if it's working with 2 colors only and doesn't use the typical geometric repetitive style

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  1. I'm just learning to knit so I hope I'm still able to help. I like the snail on the right. His shell looks wider to me and appeals to me more. I also like the cardigan with the snails facing each other. It seems like mini snail families which I think is cute (not in a little girl way though ;o)

  2. I too like the snail to the right. The wider shell makes the snail look more balanced. For the direction of the snails I like the snails either facing inward or towards each other. I think they both look very good. Good Luck.

  3. Die mittlere Version finde ich eigentlich am besten. Allerdings sind meine Strickkünste sehr sehr begrenzt, deswegen eine reine Optik-Meinung.

  4. Hallo Miss Prince :P Habe dich zwar schon mermals gleesen aber noch nie etwas komentiert, mal sehen ob ich dir etwas helfe. Ich würde sagen die Schnecke von rechts sieht besser aus und vom Cardigan würde ich dass zweite Modell nehmen, es sieht irgendwie symetrischer aus, kommt natürlich drauf an ob du symetrie magst...Saludos vom sonnigen Spanien!

  5. Very cute snails!
    I'd go for the one in the middle ;)

  6. I like the one on the right too when I don't think about it too hard, but I definitely like the snails facing each other, big facing small, it's totally cute.

  7. Ohne die obigen Meinungen gelesen zu haben:
    Die linke, weil schlankere Schnecke ist mein Favorit.
    Und bei den Strickjacken würde ich die linke Variante bevorzogen, denn: Die Schnecken wollen nach vorne um mehr zu sehen ;-)

    Grinsegrüße ;-)

  8. I also like the snail with the wider shell and the design with the snails facing each other!

  9. I think I like the one on the right, like the others.
    The other question is more tricky, I think it's funny when they facing the outside. They seem stubborn that way. The others are fine too...

    not really helping, am I?


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