to frog or not to frog

what a question. I'm thinking about frogging my first sleeve. It turned out tight, not too tight just a bit tight. It still gives in a lot and doesn't feel tight or anything I just don't feel very comfortable with how it looks when worn. I mean you can see the spaces between the knit stitches and that sort of bothers me.

I think I will start the second sleeve now and give it a few extra increases and than will check which I like better.

p.s. on sunday I will post a new amigurumi tutorial on how to bind off neatly. And I also plan a little Halloween special, so stay tuned =^__^=

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  1. I think it looks good but I would still try that second sleeve and see what you like best like you said. I can't wait for the spooky surprise ;o)

  2. Hard decision, but you are right: I couldn't stand that uncomfortable feeling tto. Good thing to do the second and than decide what to do. Your tutorials are the best! I always recommend them, if asked about crochet. Excited to read the next one.

  3. Halloween Special? Uuuh, i'm frightened!

  4. what i've done in this situation ... open up the seam ... graft on stitches and make the sleeve bigger ... the grafted piece can be decorative so it looks like you wanted it that way - maybe a yellow stripe down the length of the sleeve ? or a row of little snails ? ... my grandmother used to call this a "gusset" and she put these in clothes we grew out of to make them last a little longer and "get a little more wear from them "- until she could finish making a new dress or "jumper" ! (ps - i must be sooooo much older than most "crafters" - we grew up thinking this was the "normal" way of living - "making do with what we had" even if it was only a scrap !!!)

  5. thanks for your idea abot opening the seam, unfortunately I knitted it in the round and so there really is no seam, but I like the idea and will keep it mind for another project.

    and maybe you're not really that old, cause I grew up that way too and just turned 30 ;o) maybe it's just our parents

  6. I'm really looking forward to seeing this! I'm not a knitter in the least so I have a great respect for the complexity of it all.
    By the way, what does "frog" mean?


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