overwhelming cuteness

last time I wrote I told you I asked some lovely ladies over on ravelry to test the pattern for Barney, I even made a group so we could chat and invited others to fill the group with more life
and today I want to show you the super cute outcomes of this testing, all bears are soooooo awesome! I have been on a congress the last weekend and when I came home I found these bears and they made my evening so perfect! but enough said the bears:

Barney Bear

I especially love how placing the ears and eyes differently gave him a completely different expression!

6 Kommentare:

  1. they are adorable! great job!

  2. Very nice,I loved:)Thank you for this beauty:)

  3. What a wonderful amigurumi. I wonder if it is somehow possible to get the pattern to this. Would love to crochet it to the baby in my belly!

  4. Hi martina,

    the pattern is on ravelry, I was just too lazy *blushing* to put it up here as well

    hugs, Diana

  5. Very cute! Are they hard to make?

    Happy blogoversary :)


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