Before Bloggy starts complaining again ...

... I will post a few pictures of knitting, finished knitting to be more precise.

Me? Complaining? I AM NEVER COMPLAINING, I'm the most quiet blog anyone could wish for ..rolls eyes.. although I would LOVE to see knitting pictures, I haven't seen some in a while, those acorns just don't count, really

Bloggy? will you calm down? you're such a diva

calm down? DIVA? ..rolls eyes again.. I only want more crafting here ... just saying

... anyways, the knitting I'm talking about is my "Chinese Christmas" pulllover I made last year. I finished it just after new years and even got my friend Alex to take pictures, I just never seem to have shown you the finished piece.

chinese christmas 7

chinese christmas 6

chinese christmas 5

chinese christmas 4

chinese christmas 3

chinese christmas 2

chinese christmas 1

unfortunately it felted a little after the first washing in the washing machine, not toooo bad, but the pattern got lost a tad

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  1. awww! how come she washed it in the washing machine?! It's gorgeous!

  2. I don't know ... the swatch washed just fine but even a cold wash in the machine was too cruel :(


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