let's crochet along

who wants to join me? I want to make a lion, simple, cute and little . . . testing a few hair styles, or mane styles in this case ^__^
in case you want to join, I will put up a ravelry pattern for the CAL and update it as I go, maybe you want to share you're pics here as well, or in case of questions or comments or chatting or anything really

I think I will start the CAL in midweek, so keep you're hooks ready


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  1. I'd like to join in. I really like lions and have made 1 small one so far! My hooks are ready!!

  2. Nice!, never made a lion. I can't wait to try this! :)

  3. Hehe!!! Do you want a Spanish guy to be part of this?? :P I'll be at London for a week, but I'm sure I'll join the project as soon as I come back! :P I like how you design... :)

  4. Hola Juan, sí claro :)
    hope that was right, my spanish seems to vanish a little bit more with everyday that passes
    welcome to the CAL


  5. Jeje!! Your Spanish was perfect... Don't worry for that: here in Spain we understand visitors don't speak our language very well, just because we have the same problem understanding between us!! Hehe!! Just kidding! Anycase, I can't wait to meet Ludwing... Hehe!!

  6. Oh, this looks like it'd be a fun project to try!

  7. it will :)

    the first part of the pattern will be posted today :)

    have fun, Diana

  8. Hi! I would love to crochet this lion! I guess i'm the first Argentinian girl to join this project? :o)
    I see the body is available now, I'll start it ASAP!
    Cheers :o)

    pd. I've bought the pattern for Charlie the seahorse (I call him Roberto), and it looks great. You can see him here (http://yotambientejo.blogspot.com/2009/09/empalmerizada-si-por-supus.html)
    pd2. My English may be weird, so you can laugh if you want :o)

  9. Hi Sonja,
    your English is great :o)
    cool to have an Argentinian girl to join my CAL :) welcome


  10. This sound like a fun thing to do :D
    (btw, I'm from Finland)

  11. mieluinen Ida :)

    I really hope this mean Hi and welcome :)


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