Ludwig CAL starts now

so the CAL starts right away :)

this is what you will receive with the first part of the pattern:

ludwig 1

the lions head and body and, of course with a behind (which is facing us in this picture) ^__^

you can download the pattern here:

download now

or you can go to ravelry and start the pattern, you will get the new pattern automatically there when I update it :) also you can add comments/questions/pictures at my rav group, I will interact there and answer every question that might occur :)

of course you can also share your comments here as well ^__^

now get your hook ready and choose a color for your lion because I can't wait to meet your lion kings :)

oh, before I forget to mention, next part of the pattern will follow on sunday

11 Kommentare:

  1. I'm curious how the work looks finished.

  2. Hi!
    I have a doubt about this lovely pattern. In Row 35, there may be a little tiny typo? I end Row 34 with 32 stitches, but when crocheting Row 35, if I follow the pattern, the number of stitches doesn't match. I can't find my mistake, so I thought it was better to ask you instead of "uncrochet" the whole lion and start again.
    I'm using my favorite orage yarn, and the lion will be the present for a little kid I love very much :o)
    I'm so happy with this project!

  3. Hi! I just wanted to say that I'm in! Currently I'm working on the first piece and I must say that it's a bit larger than I'd expected, so it's good that I chose a big ball of yarn and a smaller sized needle.
    I'm very curious about how the finished lion will look like. Thank you for this fun CAL! :)

  4. Hi Sonja,

    there is a typo - oops

    row 35: start with sc9 instead of sc5


  5. Hi Plutt,

    when you finish the body you will see nearly the complete size, I plan to go for smaller arms/legs, since I want the head to be the striking element :)


  6. Thanks! Lion for the win! (I'm not sure if that expression fits here, but I like it)

  7. Hi.
    I'm working with the arms and in the round 6 you write B4 stitch. It doesn't appear in "abbreviations".
    What is this exactly?
    (I love YourGurumis :)

  8. Hi Yolanda,

    it's a bobble, it's explained at the top of page 5 (right before the arms start)


  9. Sorry! I've seen the B4 sticht

  10. I just jumped in to the CAL and I really love this pattern. I'm really looking forward to finishing this guy up! Thanks so much for doing this!


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