Ludwig Pattern - at last

Hi my loves, I know you waited and waited and waited and now it's finally done :)

Ludwig Pattern finished

Ludwig has gotten his mane (just in time for the winter season) and the pattern is all written up.
You will find the download link below. I will keep this pattern a freebe until New Year's so if you ever want to work it, download now ;)

p.s. I find he looks like Lionel Richie in the "Hello" video, what do you think?

download now

16 Kommentare:

  1. I have just one word: fantastic... :P Maybe, the word is not enfatic enought, but THANKS!! hehe!! You did a great pattern, and I'll show you what I did as soon as I finish the hair and face...

    Keep doing this kind of things, and count me in!!

  2. oh! I loveeee youuuu! I wanted to work in this project of yours since.... almost since you posted the first download. I really, really, really love lions and your pattern is just amazing! thanks for sharing! I still haven't started it yet, too many things to do, my school, my seem-to-be-endless homework. But as soon I have time and finish all my damn projects, crafts and non-crafts (sorry the expression) I'm gonna do this! You know, I had no idea of what vid were you talking about... so I went to look for it! I don't know if either agree or disagree with you... maybe in the mane? But it made me laugh XD.
    Thanks for sharing ^^

  3. hehe, Xandra, it's a very old video ;)

  4. I'd looooove to see your lion Juan :)

  5. =D My first thought when I saw the picture of Ludwig was " WOW he looks just like Lionel Richie!!"
    THEN I read your words and it really made me laugh!!
    Thank you soooo so much for this wonderful pattern, I will finish my Ludwig tonight and post pictures asap =)

  6. see? great mind think alike :o)

  7. It´s gorgeous!! I think i will try to do one some day!! thanks for teh pattern.

  8. Hermoso gracias por compartirlo!

  9. I love Ludwig, he's so cute, I'm making him for our son for Christmas:) I can't believe I have to ask this, but does B4 and B5 mean four and five double crochets in a single stitch? If so, my next rows aren't matching up....

  10. Hi,

    yes it means in the same stitch, they are bobble stitches (they should be explained in the pattern?)

    hope to help,

  11. he looks really cute
    have a nice day

  12. super gemacht..toll :) hast du dieses pattern vielleicht auch auf deutsch???

  13. Dankeschöön :)

    leider hab ich die Anleitung derzeit noch nicht auf deutsch übersetzt

  14. I found your patern for Ludwig and I have made it this week. But now I am trying to finsh it with the hair, and I have no clue how to make these.
    I made a ring--no problem
    I slipstiched the close the ring and I made a chain of 6.
    The slipstich into the second loop is also no problem, but in witch loop do I make the sc1 (I tried to make a extra, as i would do at the and of a row to make room to turn, but I would have to do that after every stich). It can not be how you ment it.
    do you have a tutorial (video) for the hairs?

    1. Hi,

      mmh, I have a tutorial on hair in general, there you will also find how to make this kind of hair (it's in the top section, with lot's of other tutorials regarding amigurumi)

      after you slipstitched into the 2nd loop you work the next 4 stitches into the next four loops of the "chain6"-chain, it is like turning a row

      maybe it just looked weird? the first two rounds look very weird (to me at least)

      hope I could help :)


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