almost done


Almost done #bindoff #knitting

this is the bind off row on my new shawl. It was supposed to be a summery shawl, since the yarn is a lovely blend of cotton and silk. But the rows got bigger and bigger and now I only need to bind off about 1100 stitches in picot-style. This post was created to show how I worked the side stitches, that normally feel too harsh for me and so far I really like the outcome in a (almost) finished garment. I love the color and it will make a great accessory to my autumn wardrobe.

are you in the mood for autumn yet? - I am ☺

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  1. First - i am glad you are back to blogging! second - good to know you have a new project going on these days.
    I am definitely in an autumn mood..but here it s soooo hot now again! by the way, could you suggest me some easy to make crocheted (or knitted) sweater or cardigan for autumn:)thanks and have a nice day ahead!


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