Berti Bat - the pattern - complete

edit: here you can find the pdf download


as promised yesterday, here's the first bits of the last minute Halloween amigurumi. I've worked on it for two afternoons, so making it should take about 3-4 hours total (depending on your time and mood of course ^__^)

I'm going to update the pattern on this post until Wednesday so we won't have the complete pattern on all sorts of different places (not like two or three posts would make a whole mess, but I like my stuff organised...must be part of being Virgo)

let's start, what's most important to a bat?

to know its abbreviations ^__^

sc -- single crochet
m2 -- classic increase
sc2tog -- classic decrease, I prefer the invisible way
B6 -- bobble made from 6 double crochets
B3 -- bobble made from 3 double crochets
hdc -- half double crocht
m2dc -- make two double crochets into one stitch, equals an increase with double crochets



make two:

1 _make a slip knot and chain 7 with a slightly smaller hook than you normally would like to crochet with
2 _now use the hook you normally crochet with and starting in 2nd chain from hook: sc5, m3 in last chain, continue on the other side of the loops of the starting chain and sc4, m2, place a marker and continue to work in a round
_(short: sc5, m3, sc4, m2)
3 _m2, sc5, sc2tog, sc5, m2
4 _m2x2, sc5, sc2tog, sc5, m2
5 _sc2, m2, sc5, sc2tog, sc6, m2
6 _sc2, m2, sc6, sc2tog, sc6, m2
7 _sc3, m2, sc15
8 _m2, sc2, m2, sc16
9 _sc1, m2, sc2, m2, sc17
10 _sc24
11 _sc4, m2, sc19
12 _sc5, m2, sc11, m2, sc7
13 _sc6, m2, sc20
14 _sc20, m2, sc7
15 _sc6, m2, sc14, m2, sc7
16 _sc22, m2, sc8
17 _sc7, m2, sc15, m2, sc8
18 _sc25, B6, sc8
19 _sc8, m2, sc16, sc2tog, sc7
20 _sc24, sc2tog, sc1, sc2tog, sc5
21 _sc25, sc2tog, sc5
22 _sc31
23 _sc9, sc2tog, sc14, m2, sc5
24 _sc9, B3, sc14, m2 x2, sc5
25 _sc7, sc2tog x3, sc13, B6, sc6
26 _sc6, sc2tog, sc1, sc2tog, sc10, sc2tog, sc1, sc2tog, sc4
27 _sc5, sc2tog, sc1, sc2tog, sc9, sc2tog x2, sc3
28 _sc4, sc2tog, sc1, sc2tog, sc7, sc2tog x2, sc2
29 _sc5, sc2tog, sc6, sc2tog x2, sc1
30 _sc12, sc2tog, sc1
31 _sc14
32 _sc14
33 _sc10
BO with a slip stitch, leave tail to sew to body
you don't need to stuff the wings


1 - make a dr with 6 sts
2 - m2 x6
3 - (m2, sc1) x6
4 - (sc2, m2) x6
5 - sc1, (m2, sc3) x5, m2, sc2
6 - (m2, sc4) x6
7 - sc3, (m2, sc5) x5, m2, sc2
8 - sc42
9 - (m2, sc6) x6
10 - sc48
11 - sc4, (m2, sc7) x5, m2, sc3
12 - sc9, (m2, sc17) x2, m2, sc8
13-16 - sc57
17 - sc4, (sc2tog, sc13) x2, sc2tog, sc13
18 - (sc2tog, sc7) x6
19 - sc3, (sc2tog, sc6) x5, sc2tog, sc3
20 - (sc2tog, sc5) x6
21 - sc2, (sc2tog, sc4) x5, sc2tog, sc2
22 - (sc2tog, sc3) x6
23 - sc1, (sc2tog, sc2) x5, sc2tog, sc1
24 - (sc2tog, sc1) x6
25 - sc2tog x6
BO with a slip stitch

eyes and ears will follow tomorrow morning, here's a pic of what my prototype looks like so far:


with white
1 - make a double ring with 6 sc
2 - m2 x6
3 - m2, hdc1, m2dc x3, hdc1, (m2, sc1) x3
4 - sc1, m2, sc1, hdc1, m2dc x4, hdc1, m2, sc1, BO with slip stitch

dark pupil color (maybe the same color you used for the wings?)
1 - make a dr with 8 hdc, BO with a slip stitch
and finally the ears


1 - chain 5 with smaller hook
2 - sc3, m3, sc2, m2 with normal hook and continue in the round
3 - m2, sc3, sc2tog, sc3, m2
m2 x2, sc3, sc2tog, sc3, BO with a slip stitch

assembling and final pictures will follow this afternoon, but I'm sure you'll be able to sew all body parts where they belong ^__^
you can also embroider teeth, I'm still thinking about this myself

I hope you enjoyed this little fella, I'll bee adding a pdf later as well




it is finished ^__^

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  1. Hello! First of all, I love this bat! <3 But I have a tiny question: I've reached the end of wing #1, and the last three rounds have 14, 14 and 10 sc each. Does that mean I should decrease the last round by four scs evenly spread around, or should I end the last round after I've done ten scs? I'm a little bit confused ^^;;;

    1. Hi,

      sorry for my late reply I was away for a few days.

      you don't decrease in the last row, you just sc10, this will make sure you won't have a little "bump" on the front of the wing when you sew it to the body :)


  2. I was completely unable to follow this pattern. The rounds on the wings don't match up, and the stitches are inconsistent. I am frustrated, to say the least. I found this pattern on Ravelry, and spent an entire week trying, over and over again, to follow the wing pattern. I was completely unsuccessful and ended up frogging the project.

  3. Hi Yonv,

    Oh I'm sorry to hear this. Please try to contact me on ravelry, my name is knits over there or mail me at dianabuss79 at gmail dot com. I don't want you to be frustrated over one of my patterns.


  4. Hi Diana,

    at round 18 there are 39 stitches but at rond 19 there only 34 :( I should decrease 1 stitch or more? Thanks!!!

  5. Hi Laia,

    In round 18 there are only 34 std, the B6 marks a bobble stitch made from 6 dc on one stitch. So you won't increase or decrease in these rows

    Hope I could help, Diana

  6. Oh bobble stitch is a pop corn stitch! Not 6dc on one stitch only! Thank you!


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