pre-christmas shopping

yay, I just received my pre-chistmas gift {the new holiday brush sets by Bobbi Brown}, I need to add that I treated myself to these beauties. A few days ago I saw a video by Lisa Eldridge and immediately placed an order. I love these brush sets. I also went shopping and bought a new calendar for the upcoming year and some postcards to send to friends and family during the holidays.


talking of christmas, I'm thinking of doing an advent calendar for the blog this year and feel like a little elf preparing all little gifts in secret, yay *humming holiday tunes*

read you soon, Diana ♥

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  1. Hi, Diana! Loving the Christmas stuff you purchased. same as you envy my garden, I envy a little that you have a proper Christmas there, may be snow too?:)Thanks for sharing holiday mood! I am also up to good - preparing some small gifts for my Indian family :)
    Hugs, Anna.


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