piling .. or How I store my granny squares

since I'm making pretty good progress on my first granny blanket I thought I'd share something a lot of my visitors find quite amusing. My Leaning Tower of granny squares.


I first stored my grannies in a little box on the backrest of my sofa, then this box became too small. Should I start a new box? Or just throw them all in a bag? I wanted my grannies to lay flat and neatly so a bag was no alternative and so my leaning tower was born. Very simple my squares now pile on top of each other in the little box on the backrest of my sofa.


I just used two long strands of gardening wire, saved the ends, crossed them in their middle and bend in shape of the square. Putting the first squares on that wire thingy was a little difficult, the wires wouldn't stand still, but with the first few on the frame it got easier and easier. Now this is what I got and it works wonders ^__^


how do you store your single squares?

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