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so I'm almost finished with my dahlia granny blanket. So exciting! To choose a nice edging (and to crochet it) took quite a bit. Quite a bit of thinking, researching and finally crocheting. The latter one eats up time (and yarn!). Before finally showing you my finished new favorite couch blanket I thought I'd share how I made my border. When searching for nice patterns for edgings/borders on crocheted blankets I didn't find a lot of posts out there in the interwebs. I did find a few lovely pictures though and that I liked very much. Simple and plain, not too lacey and yet clear and solid. I thought that might fit my blanket quite nicely. So I started and here we go:

I first added one row in a classic granny stitch (*dcx3, chain1*) all around to have a nice base to start from, than I added simple chain (*sc1, chain3*) to start the next round from in the same color I used on the flower centers:


next I added 4dc in each of the ch3sp for the next round, in the corners I made (dc3, ch3, dc3):


again I added a chain-round of *sc1, ch3* all around to build the base for the next dc-round. In the corners simply contiuned that way *sc1, ch3*:


and so I continued for another couple of rounds, in total I made 3 dc-rounds in the base color of the afghan, followed by 2 rounds in the same color I used for the flowers and ended with another round in green/mint. To finish worked one more chain round and added to that a "chain round" in mint/green. For this last round I simply went *sc1, sc1* all around and worked the single crochets into the stitch below the brown chain round. I think you can see it pretty clearly in the picture below (even though the crappy flash light and photoshop did help to loose a bit of the lovelyness of the blanket)


what is your preferred crochet edging for a blanket? do you go for tassels or lacy edgings?

crochet hugs, Diana

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  1. looking fab, Diana! The edging is really suiting your blanket a lot! I envy your progress.. because I haven't touched my blankie since I came back. I chose edging for it too, but it is a long way till I start making it!
    Have a wonderful day! Hugs!

  2. You blanket turned out lovely! Do you order your yarn online? It seems that you've used the Catania yarn for several of your projects, so I started looking for it myself. I've had limited luck finding it online, and so far zero luck finding it in stores here in the US.

    I thought I'd remembered seeing a project or gift of wrist warmers with thumb holes on your blog, but looking back I can't find it, so perhaps I was thinking of another blog... However, after reading more of your blog history, I'm now horribly tempted to try knitting more in addition to my crocheting!

    Thanks, Melissa


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