finished .. granny blanket

so I finally finished my first ever granny square blanket. I do admit I'm proud. My first ever granny square turned into a whole blanket. And the granny bug bit me. I can't stop and I won't. These squares are so perfect little in-between projects. Small, easy, fit every pocket, satisfying! just perfect.

granny blanket finished

now let my share some details on this one. It's now 1,30 x 1,56 meter and therefore a little smaller than I calculated first hand, but nevertheless a handsome size.
I started on January 1st this year and finished September 1st (according to my ravelry, beacause when I took the little heavy thing outside this morning to take a few pictures I found two more yarn ends to sew in, but I won't count them, would you? I like to say that I made this whole babe in just eight month).

I used catania yarn all over. The colorways I used are: 249 (gold yellow), 254 (greyish brown) and 262 (minty green). Each ball is 50gramm and I used 41 balls in total. So this makes a little over two kilograms for the whole afghan. Exactly 30 of them were minty green, eight were yellow and of course three were brown. I needed to re-order about 12 balls to finish and only because of the border I used up the first brown ball plus two more. Borders eat yarn! Who knew...

granny blanket finished

The patterns:
the big dahlia square and my notes
my smaller version
a tutorial on how I made my "classic" granny squares will follow (I've learned from the lot of tutorials that can be found already on the interwebs but I made a few changes on the way and want to keep these notes somewhere, what a perfect little place my own blog might be and maybe you will find them interesting as well
and last but not least the border

oh even one more, how I joined all my squares will follow in a separate post as well. you can see a close up below or here

granny blanket finished

granny blanket finished

granny blanket finished

♥ Diana

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  1. It looks so lovely - a little piece of summer! Congratulations on completing such a monumental work!

  2. You shall be proud, Diana! It turned out great! It really looks like a filed with flowers on the first picture. 8 months is good, considering your business :) I am also on the way of finishing my blankie...
    Once again, amazing work, Diana! Congrats, now enjoy cozy evenings and morning with your granny blanket.

  3. It looks great!It w15 dayegy15orth the effort!!


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