Framed: November 2013 til Now

I guess you read my latest posts, I've been distracted enormously and therefore I just couldn't be bothered to update my blog as usual. Normally at the end of each month I will post my instagram pictures of that month. I follow Fat mum slims blog and do her photoaday challenge.
Now it's time to keep track of things. First things first, the advent calendar kept my busy and my november pictures are, well, incomplete. December however is almost completely done and January was skipped altogether. Now I'm back on track with February and you can expect some nice photos in four weeks :)

edit: oh I hope you can see the pictures, writing this post they were on and off all the time, seems like instagram might not be working too well right now, reloading the page helped a lot though

November '13

1. Fruit: is gone by now

2. I did this today: that's the fun thing about having children around you, playing all the good games too

3. P is for…: peppers

4. Table: gone?

5. I collect…: smurfs .. I guess I mentioned this before

6. Music: in my cupboard, I still have a huge collection of CD and prefer to buy my music that way, although I rarely listen to one, I copy everything to mp3..

7. Yes!: no baby yet, I was a bit nervous that day

8. Someone I miss: and obviously skipped too, all the following pictures, damn I took quite a lot pictures but never edit and upload them to instagram, and I'm not a cheater and do so now, I will have to live with this misery :(

9. Mine: 10. Book: 11. A memory: 12. Clouds: 13. Part of me: 14. Eating: 15. In my pocket/purse: 16. Play: 17. 5 o’clock: 18. Mirror: 19. Where you ate breakfast: 20. Communication: 21. I wish I had this: 22. Behind: 23. Simplicity: 24. A word: 25. Quirky: 26. Message: 27. No!: 28. I am grateful for…: 29. Black: 30. All done:

December '13

1. Red: the bow on top of my boyfriends advent calendar

2. Where I stood: on frozen ground with the sun fighting through the morning fog, this was pretty amazing

3. Silver: on my steering wheel

4. Tiny: tiny Santa - but perfect to decorate a tree

5. In the cupboard: there wasn't anything spectacular to take a picture of

6. Shadow: light falling through glass

7. 6 o’clock: dinner...

8. I shop here: it's been a sunday, I don't shop on sundays (well I do, but I guess online shopping doesn't count - well I don't want it to count)

9. This is the weather today: rain

10. R is for…: red (riding hood ^__^ that's my work outfit in December I like to spread the season spirits)

11. Green: a mermaids tail

12. Joy is…: fog? well I guess, it's more the vanishing fog..

13. Composition: nice, huh?

14. Drink: chai tea with milk and water, the morning routine

15. Lights: his window

16. Makes you feel merry: glitters of ice crystals at night

17. Tree: mine

18. Big: shortly before Christmas we always have a celebration with the company, this year we went to Harz Mountains and this is the Josephskreuz, it's only been a little cold up there, just kidding it's been colder than cold, ice-cold

19. ‘Tis the season to…: to light candles - and have fun

20. I’m listening to…: the radio

21. On the door: of the neighbours...

22. Sparkly: some detail on my tree

23. Tradition: salmon, I eat salmon regularly but on Christmas it's a must be!

24. Wrapped: for him

25. Best bit of your day: dinner with my boyfriends family and my brother at Schloss Britz

26. Where you slept: at my boyfriend, he was a bit irritated why I'm taking a picture of his bed for the interwebs ...

27. What you’re doing now: knitting on one of my WIP Wednesday project, yeah! I actually have some progress here, and soon will update too

28. Something awesome: the morning sky

29. Reflect: best bits of 2013, my boyfriend, he's till such a heart-breaker and sweetheart, My summer of music in Montreux was so awesome, and on January 1st last year I got to spent the day with some of my best friends in Berlin, all in all this year has been fantastic!

30. You: have I been too pretty for a picture? or just too busy?, I guess the latter

31. Celebrate: New Years at Brandenburger Tor, right in the heart of Berlin, it was a wonderful night!

January '14

hem, well there is actually one picture: 1. Lunch: Spinach and sunny side up, so yumm and perfect to start the year, protein, veggies...

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