Happy Sunday!

I am closing this blog and move on.

But don't worry :) I have a new blog:
To learn more about why I made the switch, be sure to read the introductory post here.

frontpage of my new blog

and I am sure you will like it over there. It's still a little work in progress, but I think it will be awesome. I plan to change a few things. For example I'm going to make all my patterns available for free, YES! all my patterns will be free. I will add them one after the other to the new site.
Add it to your favorite RSS reader and never miss a new post :)
This process will take a few weeks as I plan to make every doll once more, check the pattern, take new photos and finally upload them. As I said one after the other.

Hope to read you soon on CinnamonPurl

crochet hugs, Diana

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