Charly and Chubby

the job sucked up all my free time last week, also the hottest weather I can remember didn't made me pick up yarn and hook or needles last week, but on friday afternoon, Charly was looking at me with his eyeless head his cute armlike fins and he called out to me to finish him, so I did, I made some eyes and decided on one pair and sewed them to his head and he looks at my kinda sad 'i wanna have a friend' . . . well, I had this pair of eyes left over and they called FISH, I made a couple of sketches and Chubby was born, yet only on paper, but already so cute I needed to bring him to life in form of pink yarn. So there I went trying and pretty quickly Chubby was born, now they swim together through the sea ^_^

also when I opened my ravelry yesterday morning a suprise was awaiting me: I won 2nd Prize for my flower pot in the Crochet on Ravelry group.
big smile on my face brightend up :o), biiiig smile, I can tell you!
I feel so honored and my flower pot is even more special now.

and now I'm off to clean my room, my parents are visiting me tomorrow, first time I see them since last christmas (they live in Munich so it's quite a travel to see each other on a more regular basis) but I'm glad to see them again, it was about time and the bonus to their visit is that we're going to a huge plant nursery near Bremen to sniff and buy the best herbs and other plants available (note to self: don't forget the credit card)

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  1. These have got to be the cutest things I've ever seen!

    I'll be waiting on the pattern. :)


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