dressing up!

It's winter, outsides getting colder and everybody needs warm clothes, my fairies as well!

I'm just putting together a pattern for my fairies and since the dress I made is knitted and I can't "force" everybody who will buy the pattern to (probably learn to) knit I'm designing a crocheted dress. Not as easy as pie, actually pretty difficult. I was sure on leaves! the pattern should have leaves as well (just like the knitted piece) but to put them together was hard. I started out with pearl yarn because I like that it's thin and the fabric will be as well, but seemed like I couldn't find a proper way HOW. I tried flowers with leaves, pur leaves, just not right. And suddenly I had the idea of using a larger hook. This way the leaves will be bigger and hide more of the dolls body. Well the result is pictured below.

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