sketch for sylvi

instead of sitting down and start crying now that I frogged my Sylvi I decided to distract myself, but what to do? no yarn to start Sylvi again, enough yarn to start another wip, but another wip means to have one more wip and one more wip is having less time for the other wips, and I really plan on finishing Sylvi as soon as possible. So I sat down and was thinking a little more on the cardigan idea, read some rav entries on it and made a sketch on what I plan my cardigan to look like.

I changed the sleeves again to be more airy (I remembered on the beautiful sleeves of my cleaves) and also made some sketches on the neck, high victorian collar.

I also have some custom orders to finish so maybe this whole thing of not being "able" to knit is sort of good, enough time to crochet turtle legs and shells.

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