I'm too old for this

I will turn 30 this summer but right now I know I'm getting old. Why? ebay. That's why.
I feel exhausted. I forbade my dad to bid on ebay himself (I know he will spend all his money there - Hi Dad) so I need to bid for him whenever he sees something he wants. At 20 minues to 7 pm dad calles:

"Do you have your computer on?"


- smalltalk -

4 minutes to go

- smalltalk -

1 minute to go I enter the first bid - yeah we're first
40 seconds - we're first
20 seconds - uhoh someone starts bidding, we're still first
10 seconds - only 50 cents to our bid, I try to raise our bid, dad still talking

"oh, someone bid, is that you?"

hectic me "no, em, wait, no"

auction ended, I'm sure we lost, I could not raise the bid

"you won, cool"

"no, I couldn't raise"

"you won, it's your name there"

"why do you think it's me?" (auctions are anonymous)

"110 stars, that's you"

I press F5, suprise!

"oh, we DID win, strange"

so we won, with only 4 cents tight. Cool, but I'm exhausted and I feel old.

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  1. been there ... here's a tip i learned ... open multiple windows or tabs ... go to a new window/tab and place a new bid ... also ... i put the phone down - so i can't be distracted or interrupted - like men watching a ball game - don't bother me until while the ball/bid is in play !


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