the whole week was pretty ordinary, working all day and not much crochet. I need to finish a few custom orders but don't feel the inspiration for it. One of these custom orders is a scorpion and to "top it all" I ran out of yarn. Argh.

only three out of six legs done. This scorpion will be walking in a circle with only legs on one side of its body. I already changed the color of its pedipalps in wise prevision, well more out of a feeling that this pink would be way too much for a complete scorpion, but it turned out to be good.

p.s. I miss knitting
p.p.s. I miss sewing as well, haven't sewed in years, it takes a lot more preparations than crochet or knitting do and you can't do it on a couch wathcing tv, but still I miss it. It might be spring coming closer and me wanting to have new dresses and skirts (I have a wonderful red scots checked fabric in my stash I always wanted to make a dress from - maybe, hopefully this summer)

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  1. Scorpions have always scared me a little, but that one is pretty darn cute! I would like to sew a dress for summer, too, but I'm not very good at sewing.

  2. That scorpion is awesome! I love all the color changes! I'm looking into doing some more sewing myself. I really do miss it...


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