FO - Critters, at last

finally all critters are complete and the pattern will follow this weekend. I hesitated to show them all because I didn't wanted too much time between first pictures of the finished critters and the pattern release and I just couldn't come up with a good way for some of the pictures in the pattern. I normally want to turn everything into detailed black and white pictures, first they're printer friendlier and second I like the idea of patterns that don't push the one who works them into a certain direction for the color choice for their project. The giraffe gave me a hard time and finally turned me into 'okay this one will be true colored'
nevertheless here are a few pictures of the critters

eta: if you want to see a few more pictures you're welcome to have a look at my flickr page

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  1. These are more than adorable!....

  2. These turned out so cute! I'm going to have purchase these one day. I don't think hubby would want me to do so now but hopefully soon. I love how they turned out and I know a dozen kids who'd love these too!


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