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I have been pretty busy lately, life interferes whenever it gets a chance to.

Anyway I did a few things, one was baking, which I haven't done in quite a long time, if you live alone like me, you know how unwilling one can get to cook more than pasta or other simple food that doesn't require many preparations. So two weeks ago I had friends coming over. We normally have a regular meeting to cook, eat and laugh together but didn't manage to see each other that often lately. This years Ascension Day was a thursday and I took the oportunity and invited for dinner. I prepared "picknick-snacks" which I had seen a few weeks ago on telly. (find the original recipe here, it's german though)

it's actually pretty simple if you have enough time.

you make a normal pizza dough / bread dough as you like and treat it like puff pastry, meaning to put butter on top and fold the dough so the butter is covered completely, then roll the dough again and fold once more. Now roll and fold again. Roll to the size you want and start to add the topping. I made three versions. One pizza-style, one like onion-tarte (I have no idea how to better call this in english, I'm sure there is a proper name for this, it's basically onion rings and bacon on some sour cream) and the third version is with frozen veggies on top of sour cream.
Now cover everything with cheese and wrap it up. First top down and then bottom up. spreaded with egg yolk and cut into pieces and bake for about 20 minutes at 170°C or until golden.

We liked the version with the vegies and the onions the most. I haven't had tomatoes on the pizza version which I find where missing, but since I didn't knew how wet the dough might get I didn't want to make experiments.


I also knitted. I turned this swatch into a new stocking, or into the beginning of a new stocking. I started with two at a time (I fear I'm a candidate for second sock syndrom if I wouldn't do both at once) but since I frogged some times I decided to continue with only one and write down every single thing I do. I needed to re-knit the heel because on the first try it turned out too small and also a bit too tight. So I increased a few stitches which I decreased again after the heel and started with the wings very soon. I like the look of it and I also enjoy the yarn more than the brown one, it's alot smoother although it often feels quite dry. And I think the mint color would be better with a more "floral" pattern but I still like it with my design.
I frogged a big part of the leg again later because the insert that I made created some strange "bending" in the rest of the lace sections of the front. Now I only increase purl stitches between the single lace parts and it looks alot better.

The wings create a strange feel to the skin too. The pattern somehow shifts to the back of my leg and the sock feels quite tight even if it still has a lot of ease. Very strange but I thing I will enjoy wearing them, might also have a great effect on preventing varicose veins

Not so funny, I'm single again. Nine days ago I got the final call. It's not like I didn't saw it coming, we had a long distance relationship, which is hard and now that he suffers from burn out syndrome he can't stand the "situation" any longer. I always tried to be understanding and calm and "be there for him" (as far as one can be if you're not living together) but it seems that it's finally over now.

Current mood: often sad

Resulting current distraction: my green thumb. I read alot lately about my plants and fertilizers and waterings and stuff and I learned why my lemon tree always signals me he wants to die in winter time. And to top it all I ordered all sorts of new seeds, alot of chili peppers and tomatoes but also a red kiwi, didn't know there was such a thing. I will try to grow them this season even though I know it might be too late already to have fruits this year.

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  1. The sock looks awesome! Loves it! I hope you publish the pattern... Sorry about the relationship troubles, I hope you feel better soon.


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