the biggest swatch I've ever made

thanks for your input on my dilemma which design to choose. Seems like nearly everybody agrees on the middle one. I like that one too, so I will knit it =^__^=

Also I made a swatch, the third one actually, but this time I included colorwork. I knitted both bigger snail versions and right now I tend to the smaller shell (the one on the left). This snail looks a lot more elegant.

The swatch is still unwashed and even though I improved my color-knitting extremely while making it you still can see the different tensions between some stitches, I hope this evens out when the swatch is dryed.

If you look at the back of the swatch you see I used a method that weaves in the yarn while you knit it this way there's nothing to tangle. I really like the outcome and used a method that is described here. At first I had problems knitting the wrong side but I needed to find out how to purl it since I won't knit the cardigan in the round - but once I found out how to do it it was quite easy and came pretty naturally.

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  1. Hi Diana,

    I´ve never heard of this technique - wow, i have to try this!

    How did you do the wrong side - the purl side - was it all about practise or is it kind of a trick?

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

    Bye, Kati

  2. Hi Kati,

    it's not the big trick I first thought it might be. There are purls where you just hold down the second yarn (the one in the lft hand) every second stitch. And then there are the purl stitches that you need to pretend and unpretend to get them come out clean. I want to make a picture tutorial about this when I finish th cardigan (colorknitting the purl side is something I couldn't find anywhere else so it might be helpful to others as well)

    Cheers, Diana

  3. you're right, the left one is really better!!
    very curious to see the final result!!

  4. Meiner Meinung nach sieht die linke Schnecke besser aus, die rechte wirkt ein wenig als würde sie ihren Kopf irgendwie nach hinten ziehen.

    Aber es sieht wirklich toll aus.

  5. Hi Diana, i forgot, you´re german too - but as this is in english, iI´ll stick with commenting in english, too...

    I searched for an tutorial online yesterday and couldn´t find anything so this would be great.

    At the moment I´m ill lying in bed crocheting flowers and roses and mushrooms for the next childrens clothes but afterwards I´llsurely try this technique!

    Forgot to say, the snail is really cute

    Bye, Kati


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