first snow = big fun

today we had the first snow !!! this morning it was only cold and grey but now it's cold and white :o)
when I got home from work there were a couple of little boys on my train - at every stop they ran out of the train and made snow balls and ran back into the train until the next stop, soon they realized they might bother the other passengers (they were not I found it very funny) and so they started to ask every single person on the train: "are you annoyed?" most just smiled and denied and the boys were laughing! Hilarious - I had a big fat smile on my face leaving the train.

Now I'm torn between the need to make snow angels and my cozy couch . . .

xoxo, Diana

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  1. That sounds wonderful! I love when the simple things children do brighten people's day!

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  2. Awww...how sweet!!
    I just love those anonymous little, well-mannered boys!

  3. Still no snow in Wiesbaden... :( I'm waiting for it!

  4. oowwwww I'm jealous! I want snow too!
    What a cute story about the trainride!


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