oh button where art thou

so my Liesl wants to have some buttons. I bought some last year and couldn't find them after the move so I went to buy some and now I'm in a little trouble, because the buttons I bought are very nice, a little too big though, but still great matches for my Liesl. But the "real" problem is this morning I found the buttons I bought last year and they make perfect matches for the jacket BUT I only found 3 and I need 5 (or at least 4) !!! At first sight you might think 'I like the wooden ones better' but the rose ones match perfect in size and color and also they are not as prominent as the wooden ones but still will get enough attention of their own, so absolutely perfect for every day life.

So what should I do now? try to find the one perfect button I miss and live with 3 buttons until then or "put up with" the nice buttons? - you see a REAL trouble ...

the perfect match - but just not enough

the nice match - but too big and just not perfect

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  1. Ooo, those are the perfect buttons! I would say to go with the original buttons and hope to find the missing one soon :)

  2. Hi Diana! I have been following your post since I found pictures of your Silvi Cardigan (absolutely amazing by the way) and love your knitting projects. You never did show the results of your Snailagan (another of my favorites). I would love to see that too if you ever get a chance to post about it again. You are very talented. Happy Knitting, Sue


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