Morgan aka Berti is a pdf now

wow, it seems like you really like Berti, which I now name Morgan (Batman). After sewing on the eyes I couldn't see a Berti any longer, my bat was a little more grown up, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, Morgan seems like an attention seeker ^__^ as I can see quite a lot of you reading the original post. Thank You! I finally made the pattern into a pdf now, so it's easier to download and print and work from your computer.

If you make a bat of your own I'd love to see it, either on ravelry or just leave me a link to your blog. Happy Crocheting.

4 Kommentare:

  1. Hi, Diana! Morgan is a lovely bat. You make such cute toys and thanks so much for sharing the pattern. I will try to find time to crochet it. Have a nice day! Anna

  2. I just finished my 4th little bat and I have to tell you what a delightful pattern you've created! The wings are so cleverly crafted! The entire pattern is a joy.....not to mention the product! I think it tickled me as much as it did the grandkids! Anyway just wanted to say thanks for sharing your considerable talent! I truly appreciate your ingenuity! Susan

  3. molto carino, grazie, ciao


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