drooled - Easter edition

I want to start a new series on my blog, a 'share the love' series, just things I'v found on pinterest, things I've seen on other blogs of all sorts of interest, or other blogs in general, things I felt like 'uh that's a clever-cool-gorgeous-marvelous-fantastic-scrumptious-pretty-beautiful-delightful-charming idea' - things that made me drool ^__^

today I want to start with some Easter related things. only one weekend to go til Easter so let's have a look, shall we? - just click the pictures to find the original sources

---- on the table ----

what starts a good Easter weekend? bunny butt pancakes, oh yes!

and bunny butt pancakes impress even more with bunny style napkins, right?

these will be awesome after lunch, sunny side up cupcakes, we used to have a cake just like that when I was younger now these reminds me of yesterday only with that little modern twist

or if you prefer brownies, why not shape them round and put some mini chocolate eggs inside?

these will round up any table. Or make your kids search them. I think they're so cute

---- colored eggs ----

dying easter eggs is a long tradition here, but we always went with those cheap boxed colors. I think I will try these natural colored too. They are just adorable

when I first saw these on pinterest I was in love, gradient easter eggs, soooo cool! The picture already is pretty self explaining and to find the original source of these eggs (to link them here) was my personal eater hunt ^__^

---- fluffy ----

pom pom bunnies! do you hear me? pom POM bunnies, awwww - I should have known Martha was behind these, they just scream her name.

and last not least let me put in a little shameless self promotion ^__^ do you remember my easter bunnies?

lil bunny


Happy Easter!

how do you like this sort of posts? will you enjoy more? I always like to see these collections on other blogs as they include so many input in so little space ^__^

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