Framed - Mar 2014

March, I know I'm a little late to the party, but I don't care - the weather still smells like march so I believe it's okay. Also if you read my last post, March was quite busy for me and to make a long story short let's just have a look at my March pics (I believe there isn't a full set this month but we'll see)

1. YELLOW: crocuses! finally spring had sprung, aaah how I missed you!

2. SOMETHING BORROWED: my nexus to kids hands .. it's amazing how kids nowadays grow up with such technology

3. MY NAME IS…: Diana, sometimes streets are named after me *giggle*

4. ON MY MIND: there was chocolate and quicker than I could see it was in my belly


I was thinking about my playlist in the car, there are plenty of songs starting with i..

7. FLY: cranes! I love when they finally come back after winter


there was nothing cool to see..

9. 10AM: on sundays I normally spend my time running, lately on the treadmill, when it get's warmer I'll be outside again


I'm thinking about a song right now, if I only knew which one

11. SOMETHING GOOD: ice cream under blue sky with summer like temperatures!! amazing

12. PARTIAL: me and the sky and me and my attempt with a middle part

13. FRESH: spring means tulips ^__^

14. CARE: to care is to share sushi. I don't know if I ever mentioned this before: I am a little addicted to sushi and sharing this stuff does really mean I care. Also the lovely friend I shared this stuff with helped me move around my couches and shelves so I guess it's double caring and double sharing - THANK YOU Uli xoxo

15. EVENING: him: playing racing games - me: knitting

16. BEAUTIFULLY ORDINARY: a mini sled on a big car in late spring, well yes, what more is there to say? hilarious if you ask me ^__^

17. TODAY’S WEATHER: stormy and grey - I didn't mind though, I was on the hunt for a new bed, after rearranging the living room I also wanted to clean out the bedroom too


I was writing applications to get the job I know have

23. I’M LOVING: my easter decoration this year and especially my new bees. I found them a few weeks ago in a sale and bought a little set. I also got two for my mom to send to her as an early birthday gift and she liked them :) yay

25. SOFT: yarn .. hmmm .. drool, yumm

26. I AM HERE: on my couch, with fever and a bad cold. I'm glad I can enjoy my new living room arrangement though

27: SOMETHING I MADE: a new shawl .. if you want to read the back story on this one, please click here


if I only could remember ^__^

29. STICKY: yes I started a filofax, yes I do think this can be addicting, yes I admit I'm just this close to go with the flow, yes I hope it will help me to get more organized

30. FAST: frogging something is just sooo much faster than knitting it, it's a sad story but it's true. And I do like re-knitting something, which is weird, but I find I knit a lot faster when I re-knit something, can anyone relate on this? it's just weird

31. FAUX: the faux cable socks my friend knitted on our little "get-well-trip" I really like the way the pattern develops

have a nice April, read you soon, easter is just around the corner ^__^

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