10 inches gone with the wind

back from the hairdresser, she was young but she did a good job - I lost a lot of hair.
And I feel a little like a new woman now, I mean I LOOK like one. With tons of hair spray and everything blow-dried and styled I look a little like a model from the 80-ties (which is "the" trend) but all in all I think I found someone to do my hair again cause what's more important than a grandious haircut?

oh and I also plan to have a "tutorial october" this year, I've been planing to put up some tutorials for a long time and I think it's about time now. There will be infos on how to start an amgurumi - different ways to crochet in the round and also some infos on how to make knees or how to decrease invisible or how I create my doll eyes, some of you have asked me on this.
How do you like this idea?

5 Kommentare:

  1. I like this idea very much!
    What wonderful eyes you have...

  2. Hi Diana, your new haircut is great! You look fantastic. And I can´t wit to see your tutorials!
    Hugs from the marsu

  3. Hi Diana,
    great new haircut..you look saucy.
    Some people have been inso´pired by the dawanda event to start a new blog...others are inspired to cut their hair :-)
    Best wishes from the marsu

  4. I am of visit by your blog, my name is vivy and I am of Argentine Buenos Aires. I am seeing your haircut and it enchants to me! I had sometimes it thus and was the comfortable age but of my life. congratulations for that reason and by your blog. greetings!


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