it's autumn

and it's not raining! today it is very pretty weather and this was excellent since I needed to go to my local customs and I still feel a little groggy from the cold I suffered from the last week (having vacations and the flu - isn't this so typical? I don't think it's a very clever idea of our immune system to relax at weekends and holidays, although seeing this from a evolutionary point of vew it actually is VERY clever). Nevertheless the sun and the little walk out there did me very well, I really enjoyed it.

isn't this lovely? and who would have guessed that the customs officers would be really nice today as well? I received the little earrings I ordered a couple of weeks ago to present myself as a birthday present. They're made from the talented Jillian Lukiwski from the noisy plume at etsy. The red and very shiny stone is a carnelian. The earrings are very well made and suit my redhead very nicely. I think I will wear them with pride, because I love them! **imagine me smiling brightly**

Also I'm preparing to start my tutorial october, tomorrow I'll present the first episode on how to start an amigurumi, or better the different ways of casting on for crocheting in the round.

and todays earworm is

Das Spiel von Annett Louisan

I came across a poster promoting the current tour of Annett. And PoP there was the song dancing in my head. Haven't heard alot about her lately and therefore I will have a look at her new album Teilzeithippie, sounds interesting this part time Hippie.

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