a day off with flowers

this morning I switched through to CNN news when they were talking about the snow in germany - as I told you yesterday it's winter now, and the fact that CNN was talking about it makes it only more freezy.
It didn't snow around my area (at the baltic sea there is snow very rare) but it was stormy and rainy and this kind of weather is creeping into your clothes, not like snow which you can enjoy and have fun with . . .

but today is Reformationstag (thanks to Martin Luther, not the "king" but the monk), which means I have a day off and can stay at home, that I don't need to go outside to check how cold it is and it also means I have a whole day of relaxing, crocheting and eating ^__^

and I have a nice project I can show you - tatata - my new bath mat!
I like the teal color and I like the idea that it's made of flowers. And I like the fact that it's made with a 10 mm hook

so long, for those who have a day off Happy Reformationstag and all you others Happy Halloween

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