crochet on the edge

I just got hom from work and found a little note from my postman: I left a package at your neighbours

yeah-hey, my new external hard drive arrived. And with it came the fantastic book crochet on the edge by Nicky Epstein (I figured the hard drive was expensive enough and another book or two won't make my bill to big, I might not even realize), It's my first Nicky Epstein book and regarding how cool it is I'm surely gonna get me some more.

This book is awesome, it has really a lot of different stitches you can use for borders or so many other stuff, the single stitches are a great completion of my stitch library. I haven't tested any pattern so far but it looks like they are all well written. There are about 6 patterns in there and two of them will make it into my wardrobe, I've never had a book before that made me make 30 percent of the patterns in there - I'm really thrilled.

Which is not that thrilling is the fact that I just found out I need to work this weekend. I wanted to post my next tutorial this weekend. It's gonna be pretty picture heavy, since it's about amigurumi hair and there is lot to say about hair for amigurumis, there are quite a few different ways to create it and all will give you a real good tool to make the best out of every doll you create. But that's it for now, I hope to find the time to post this weekend but if not it will appear here at tuesday at the latest.

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