friday sun

today was the most bestest day in a long time, so good I even forgot my english =^_^=

no really, I needed to go to "the other lab" for work today and was finished pretty early so I decided to use the great weather and go to the beach today, why not enjoying the tourist side of this lovely town?
I had ice cream at the beach, had the sunlight in my face (I even got sunburned) and on my walk home I stopped in for buying some delicate chocolate, yummi

(right now I'm drinking some red berries flavoured chocolate - so goooood!)

I'm out of town for the weekend, but already started thinking on the next tutorial, it's gonna show up on the beginning of next week and I think it will be on increasing and decreasing, some tricks for better shaping and how to decrease invisibly.

so long, I leave you with a beautiful picture I found on flickr

the harbour of Warnemünde

isn't it just beautiful? I love to live hear, although today it was alot sunnier =^_^=

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