sylvi sleeves

Sleeves half done =) and one ball (the gauge ball) used.

I started with a tubular cast on even though I wasn't sure on my gauge. I still am a little concerned about it I just counted rows again. The main spectrum of differences is within the rows (21 to 28). The stitches seem stuck between 14 and 16 so I went for 15 and casted on 32 sts for a 2*2 ribbing. I made the ribbing for nearly 7", since I like long and tight sleeves for a cardigan. After that I changed to seed stitch and increased 8 stitches in the first row to have 40sts. I added one panel of the back pattern, a leave, which I mirrored to be equal on both sleeves and due to the first increase of the stem of the leave and the fact that I didn't decreased sts at the top of the leave but made cable work here I now have 42 sts (this was irritating for me at first, I was sure I had only 40sts).

The yarn is very soft and feels good to the hand. I love this dark red color, very warm. But my main concern is to run out of yarn, I already make plans on "minimized" fronts to save yarn. I have 10 balls, 500g total and a yardage of about XXmeters and I really, really hope it will be enough but still fright it won't. I calculated to use 2 balls on each sleeve, 3 more on the back and tha last 3 on the front, but it still feels unsure :/

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  1. I love your modifications. At first when i saw the photos of it on rav I was horrified how my instructions could be so mess that with the pattern you get sleeves with ribbing in the cuff :)) but then I read your notes. Cannot wait to see what you get.

  2. oh wow, thanks tikru, can't wait either


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