I will walk on these red shoes

yepp, how do you like them? These feet belong to one of my "bald heads" don't worry they both will have hair soon. I just couldn't find the time lately to get back to the work I love because the work that pays my bills is really taking all my strength (it's gotton really tough there and I already started searching for a new job, but the job situation isn't that easy which doesn't make working alot easier, you know when you know that all you start will never be finished because you will leave soon and you can't tell your boss, because a) he won't listen and b) you can't say goodbye before you're about to actually leave)

anyway, when I do find some time to crochet I make feet with shoes, like the one above. And making these made me get a biiiig step closer to the pattern I want to publish for a long time now. I have had the pattern tested by two lovely crocheters last november and all I needed to do was making one or two more dolls to be able to add some pictures. And now that I also make a boy I got aware of the fact that this pattern would only contain "girl" feet. The pattern will include basic instructions for my fairies, which you of course easily can turn into human dolls. Their cute behinds will suit both genders, the one thing bothering me: boy feet missing! Well that's not much of an issue, troll feet can make manly feet, a little tweaking and testing and the pattern will have feet for everybody

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  1. I love the red shoes! They remind me of The Wizard of Oz.

  2. They look great! I'm sure you'll figure out the boys shoes soon.


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