a plan is a plan is a plan

you haven't heard of me in a while and that is simply because I have a lot to do that has not much to do with my crafting. This week I spent 3 days on the train traveling forth and back and forth and back once more, I read alot but didn't used any yarn. I almost finished my Schrecksenmeister and already found my favorite part of the whole book, it's when Fjodor asks Echo if he knew how far the stars are away from us, if they seem closer or farer away than the moon. And Echo answers "you mean the holes in the sky? They are made by the man in the moon who poked them into the sky with his moonneedle to let the sun shine through it because she's sleeping behind it" - isn't that the most adorable answer you ever heard?
The weather turned colder again, which is great, no honestly I don't like sweaty weather, the only not so nice thing was that me and a few friends had a BBQ planed for yesterday. But as the title of this post says 'a plan is a plan is a plan' so no matter the rain and wind we grilled. Below some of our bun-suns. I made tons of herbs butter and garlic butter and garlic cream cheese and tomato sauce and tzaziki and honey mustard.

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