the feet are ready to walk

After casting on I made a few more rows of stockinette stitch only far enough to cover my toes, oh did I mention I casted on with 2.25 mm needles? and then I started with the patterns for the feet, yes plural, this may look a bit difficult at the beginning, but after making the 'starting pattern' both feet have the same basic stitch, which is a little shifted at both feet, and this IS a bit weird when starting but I got used to it pretty fast. But now let me show you the charts and I hope that it will bring light into what I just wrote

the basic stitch:

to start the left foot:

to start the right foot:

as you can see I really like symmetry and I wanted the petals of the pattern to slowly "start growing" on my feet and if I finally get my SD card to work I can upload a few pictures of the knitted socks so far

last not least the stitches are:

work in pattern until ~2 inches before you would start to turn the heel. Another tip - there's a YO at the beginning and the end of every round on top of the foot, if you find that a bit hard to handle, because I did find it a bit hard, just transfer one stitch of the sole to both sides, you have the lace stitch bordered by one knit stitch, this will make 25 stitches of stockinette for the sole and 31 stitches for the lace on top (casted on 27 sts, increased 2 sts during the beginning of the lace sections and bordered by 2 sts = 31 sts)

and again, click the pictures to enlarge them

edit: got my SD to work and here some pics of the knitted pieces

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