and on they grow

so, next step on the tendrilous socks :) now after making the heel and continuing in stockinette or even eye of patridge pattern on the back of the heel as high as I like (which is high enough for shoes not rubbing the lace) I started to make leaves again, and little bit of perfectionist that I am of course I created a pattern for the left heel and the right heel so that the leaves will start to grow symmetrically again :)

charts for left heel:

charts for right heel:

I had 27 sts on the "heel needle" and started the charts, soon I realized that there will be YO at the beginning and end of the row (as there were on the front as well) and I shifted the first knit stitch from the front to the back of each sock, this way I have a knit stitch bordering the last YO, this one was sort of loose and tended to get lost, so now it's "protected". the first YO at the front (which is now without a bordering knit companion) can handle the situation pretty good on its own [good YO ;)]

all in all, after making the charts for the heel and continuing in the main stitch pattern I have 30 sts on both needles. And I will have 30 sts on each needle until I reach the knee because I make calf shaping by switching needle sizes, I test knitted the lace in 3 different needle sizes and they looked good. I will use 2,25 mm, 2,5 mm, 2,75 mm and maybe 3 mm as well depending on much space my enormous calves will use ;)

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