would you like to knit along?

I couldn't sleep last night, one reason was the summer heat the other were my new tendrilous socks. I kept thinking about how to start them and how the pattern will elongate along the leg and how fabulous they will be once they're finished and then I had the idea to make the whole process public and maybe some of you can knit along ... any followers? I will create a pattern page at ravelry too and copy'n'paste the details there as well. This evening I will cast on - we will cast on =^__^=

2 Kommentare:

  1. I will follow! But my english follows are sometimes a little "interesting", most of the time i have to improve:), cause i dont understand all.. Its a cool pattern, ill try!

  2. I want to knit along with u:)
    I love this pattern :D


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