a great evening

yesterday I've been out to the "Schlössernacht" in Potsdam near Berlin. It was a really fantastic evening - Sanssouci and its park was illuminated beautifully, there were people with rococo style costumes and even a joyful fireworks after midnight. During the whole evening/night you could hear flute music coming from everywhere, really a great evening.

schlössernacht_potsdam 084

schlössernacht_potsdam 148

schlössernacht_potsdam 288

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  1. Hello!This pictures are amazing!I'm studying Deutsch (I've started this year) and last month we talked about Schloss Sanssouci. And today I found your blog because I love knitting!!It's amazing!a lot of coincidence!Viele Grusse from Argentina!

  2. Danke :-)

    muchos saludos hacia Argentina

  3. amazing!!! do you speak Spanish?? you left me without words!you are my hero! things like this make me feel that the world is so small!


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