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a few pictures today, first some progress on my new amigurumi the crab, I wanted a shell that was a bit asymmetrical and a tad tilted and what I came up with looks exactly as I imagined it BUT I don't really like it, it's just not as cute as I imagined it. It looks like the picture I had in mind but turns out to be not as cute:

Crab progress

and second some street art I found on the way to a knit meeting today, (while being there I worked on my Revival, which will be a dress sooner or later)

Street art berlin

did you see anything cool today?

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  1. I bet that when you put the eyes on him, he'll be as cute as you imagined! I'm always amazed at how the addition of eyes give a crocheted critter such personality!

  2. I tried it with some eyes, it just don't fit :/ but I'm working on another body design right now and I think this will be better :)

  3. Will he have eye stalks or just safety eyes on his shell? I love eye stalks, although they're a bit creepy...

  4. I was planing for "ball" eyes, just small balls of white, but the more I think about it I tend to eye stalks as well. I often find them a bit creepy too :)


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